Which airline is better for a Transatlantic Flight

Points and Travel

If you haven’t used your points for travel, then you could be losing out on some great benefits.  This post is from thepointsguy and offers some information you may find useful.  Check those credit cards and find out if you are getting miles for your purchases and if you are then its time to start planning that vacation you’ve been putting off.

Which Product Is Best For A Transatlantic Flight- American, British …
Without considering frequent flyer miles or anything of that nature, the best product for a transatlantic flight in my opinion is the new American Airlines First Class, which I recently flew from JFK to Sao Paulo in April. I thought it The Boston to Heathrow flights on AA are terrible (old, noisey and poor service) as they still use the old domestic planes and not a transatlantic plane. This is my regular route and BA wins every time and is a good product in all classes of travel.

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