European Chill Sweeps West adding to Death Toll

European Chill Sweeps West adding to Death Toll


A winter storm is the cause for more death today as frigid temperatures and snow create deadly temperatures across Europe and into Africa.  The iconic locations in Rome saw snowfall the likes of which have not been reported in decades.

Severe temperatures are the cause for more deaths as homeless freeze and heating oil is in high demand but becoming a scares commodity.  Planes stranded passengers in London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airports.

As the storm continues to ravage Europe, the death toll rises from cold temperatures, exposure, and accidents related to keeping warm as in the case of a family in Moscow.  The deaths of 9 were blamed on a fire started by a make-shift stove intended to keep the family warm.  With temperatures at 12 Celsius or 1 Fahrenheit, the cold is extreme.

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