Finding the Right Travel Group for your needs

Finding the Right Travel Options for Your Personal Travel


Traveling Tips for Single Women


All Women's Travel Groups

Membership site

Planning a trip and looking for a safe way to get around a new city or even travel the country with like-minded women?  Then consider 5W-Women Welcome Women World Wide.

Based in the UK, this site is a great place to find a friend in the places you travel and get to know the location on a deeper cultural and local level.  Taking advantage of the program gives you opportunities to see a side of the location that is often hidden to most travelers. The membership site provides information for a fee.

Another membership site is Women Traveling Together, check out the link here. Find a trip or activity that speaks to you.  This is a membership site so you know the people you contact are serious about this organization.

The Free Options

 If you are a bit on the light side when it comes to the cash for a local guide or you’re looking for some ready-made experiences without having to pay club dues or membership fees, then consider a free source like meetup.com. 

This site can offer you information about meetups in cities across the globe for everything from rock climbing to wine lovers.  Note that this site is run by the members of each meetup and should you consider creating a meetup of your own that is something that could enhance your travel experience.


Senior Travel


Group Travel

If you’re retired but you’re not ready to park it in the barkolounger and call it quits, then Walking The World is a great site to find others interested in traveling and learning the lay of the land by walking.  This is a great opportunity to meet peope from all over the world and explore new and interesting places.  Cruising is another way to find great senior options look into options from AARP or sites like Senior Cruises.

Volunteering or working abroad

The baby boomers of today might be more active and more ready to continue working past retirement age.  With a social consious that has this demographic active, one of the best options to keeping fresh and involved is to volunteer, but this ain’t your local church social.  Check out this link; Volunteering abroad over 50.


Single Parent Travel


Travel options

Single Parent Travel

Traveling with kids presents an additional set of logistics that you must consider.  There are a number of agencies and travel companies that offer specific travel for single parents and grandparents.  Check out this link for more information – Qualitytime travel offers a great set of links to find what fits your budget and your likes.

Finding travel that fits your needs is important.  Finding yourself on a tourbus full of 20 somethings when you’ve just retired can make a critical difference in the enjoyment of your trip.  Use the links listed in the article to find something that fits your needs.