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TEFL by Barry O'Leary

TEFL by Barry O’Leary

Ever wonder how some people can afford to travel the world? Well, one of the many options of making money while you travel is actually teaching English in foreign countries.  It’s referred to as TEFL or Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. There are several places to get your certification, and there are a number of locations around the world in which you can teach.  If you’re interested in learning more about this then consider a few of these books and be sure to click on the links below to find out where you can get certified. The caption to the right is a book ($ 2.99 USD) written by Barry O’Leary about his experience teaching English in a foreign land.  It’s worth a read and definitely provides a first-hand view of what life is like when you teach.  If you are thinking about traveling and want to have the opportunity to make some money on the road or to sustain a traveling lifestyle – then consider the benefits of this kind of employment. Check out Barry O’Leary’s book in Amazon – to be clear this is my affiliate link to Amazon so I do make a few pennies when you click on it – if you feel you would rather not use my link, then just type in the name of the book and the author and it will lead you to the read.


TEFL Certificaiton

Getting your certification for TEFL can be as easy as checking online.  This is a link to the TEFL E-book guide from TEFLonline.net and it’s worth it to investigate the options.  The download is free and it offers great information on how to get started.  The website is user friendly and if you read their Facebook comments you’ll see what kinds of questions and concerns people have when considering this line of work.


OxfordSeminars.com is another website to check out – they offer seminars and In-class courses in more than 130 locations throughout the US and Canada.  They also have a free package you can request for additional information.  The website offers various media options when learning about their program such as information packets and videos.  Learn more at : http://www.oxfordseminars.com/tesol-tesl-tefl-course/

Tesol.org offers a wealth of information on how to get started with TEFL as well as additional teaching and certifications.  Their website might look a little clunky, but the information provided is abundant.  Finding the right course and location for your training is the first step to getting out into the world and contributing while traveling for your own needs.  If you are just starting out and TEFL programs look like they may be too much to deal with, then consider shorter and more convenient training – learn more here at Tesol.orgs Program Page.   If you’ve always wanted to travel and you have the initiative to do so, then consider TEFL as one option to keeping your travel lifestyle going.  This certification could lengthen your stay at a specific location, but if it offers you the freedom to travel around the globe, then it’s worth the effort to investigate. Please feel free to leave comments.