Mexico Travel Warning just in time for Spring Break

US Government raises Threat Level for Mexico


Mexico Travel Alert

The US State Department has increased the Threat Level for Mexico due to the increase of violence over recent months.  With Drug Cartels, killings, and gang wars safety is an issue and with Spring Break just around the corner, students and travelers should be made aware and take precaution

Mexico is not stranger to the list as they have been on it since April 22, 2011, but as of yesterday Mexico moved to the top of the list with a warning to 16 different states. The State Department is urging travelers to stay in the more populated tourist areas as to avoid much of the on-going issues found in more secluded areas. 


Spring Break Travel to Mexico


Spring Break Mexico

Spring Break popular travel sites such as South Padre Island, Texas or Acapulco, Mexico are places to research before traveling.  Being American in no way excuses or influences the violence or Mexican Law so it is important to understand the consequences of travel to these types of location.

Mexico is a favorite spot for young teenagers as the beer is cheap and no one cards you for ID.  This allure has been the reason that Spring Breakers see at least one death and several arrests each Spring Break.  For more information on Spring Break Travel visit this great site or click here to see the State Departments Travel Warning Page.


Alternative Spring Break Options

Alternative Spring Break Ideas for young adults


Looking for Alternative Spring Break activates?  Not interested in joining in the drunken parties by the pool and acting like you’ve lost your mind?  Consider an alternative in volunteering for Spring Break and do something to build your community or communities around the world. 

Volunteering for Spring Break is a great way to help out your own community or to explore the globe and contribute to a cause you believe in.  Spending time and effort to put in some physical labor building houses, or churches, or feeding the homeless, or even just providing home care for elders or children can be a rewarding change of pace. 

Local Alternative Spring Break Options

If you don’t have the money to pay your own way to an exotic locale, then consider your own neighborhood and see what kinds of volunteer options are available to you.  If you can’t leave the country, but want to consider your options state side, then check out Living Lands and Waters.  This group is passionate about cleaning our waterways and offers unique opportunities to help clean up along the Mississippi River.  Certain places are always looking for volunteers to help out like soup kitchens, nursing homes, churches, women’s shelters, vet clinics, and nonprofit organizations.

International Alternative Spring Break Options

If you’re an adventurous person, you can find international locations that need volunteers.  There are actually several organizations that specialize in making these plans. One such organization is Projects Abroad, click the link to check out the plans.  They offer trips that coincide with the major university spring break schedules.  They have plans set up for Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Morocco, find out more about what they have to offer this year by clicking on the link.

 Another great place to check out is United Planet – they have their Unite Planet Quest and it’s open to many different groups to include High School, College, Organized clubs, and more. The trips aren’t just at Spring Break, they have much to offer if you’re taking a semester or a year off and want to do some work around the world. Take a look at their site to find something that sparks your interest.  

Get Involved and Give Back

Alternative Spring Break options can be a great way to get involved or find a way to give back to your community, if you’ve got some time then check out Habitat for Humanity and lend a helping hand to someone working on a better future and see the results of your hard work when it’s all said and done. 

Spring Break is an opportunity to find out more about yourself and your community and even places around the globe so don’t miss out.