Mobile World Congress 2012 Barcelona Spain

Mobile World Congress 2012 Barcelona Spain  27 February – 1 March


World Mobile Congress 2012

This year’s Mobile World Congress will be one of the largest exhibition conferences this year.  With a chance to look at the newest in innovation for mobile phones an communications the opportunities to network and gain advantage in this field are immense.

If you haven’t purchased your airline tickets yet or set up your hotel reservations, time is running out.  At this time the congress has secured a majority of the open hotel rooms available and trying to find one on your own isn’t going to happen.  Outside travel agencies will receive a big goose egg when looking for hotel availability, but if you’re still looking for accommodations then you’ll need to check this link here.

The Mobile World Congress will include an exhibition, conferences, networking, training, and presentations of world brand products.  The event is not to be missed.  If you are looking for more information on this event be sure to check out the website to find the events you wish to attend.