Free Tickets to Japan – Not anymore!

Fly to Japan!

Free Tickets to Japan were up for offer in the planning by Japan’s National Tourism Agency as announced in October 2011, but it looks as if the buget crunch has put a stop to that pipe dream.  Although Japan’s economy is slowly getting back to normal, the money just isn’t there.

On Decemer 26, 2011 the Japanese National Tourism Agency put out a press release telling everyone that the 10,000 FREE Tickets were not in this years budget plans and had been disapproved by the goverment.

The National Tourism Agency and the Japanese goverment have concluded that providing tickets to cities affected by tsunamis and earthquakes wasn’t such a good idea. 

Japan is still dealing with the aftermath of destruction that has thousands of people homeless and left animals to roam free in devistated areas.  The Japanese Real Time site talked about the current state of the country as still dealing with too much to committ money to promote tourism at this time.  Perhaps when things get back to normal this idea might be reviewed, but as for now it looks as if you’ll have to break out that wallet if you want to FLY TO JAPAN!