TSA keeps loose change adding up to five figures

Spare some change Buddy?


Spare Change adds to TSA budget

Spare change left behind by travelers  in airport security bins adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra money.

So you’re in a hurry to get through airport security and get to your gate for that flight that’s just about to board, so instead of scooping up that change you have in the bin, you leave it behind.  Well, you’re not alone and in some major airports that change adds up to some pretty impressive numbers.

Found Money Windfall for TSA


According to an online article for NBC San Diego, a number of airports saw a five -figure amount left over the course of a year.

  • JFK New York’s International Airport   $46,918.06
  • LAX  California’s International Airport  $19,110.83
  • ATL Georgia’s International Airport  $16,523.83
  • SFO California’s International Airport $ 15,908.02
  • MIA Florida’s International Airport $15,844.83

You might be wondering where the money goes, well it all goes into the operational budget for TSA and is typically used for general maintenance or upkeep.

In this economic crunch time it’s a wonder that anyone would leave any money behind, but if it’s just a few cents it might not be worth your time and effort to collect it.  With this attitude the money left behind will continue to help TSA budgets, but they can’t count on the amount so they will continue to use it as long as we the travelers continue to leave it for them.