American Fires Video Star Flight Attendant

David Gailand Fired for Sense of Humor

American has fired the YouTube Video Star Flight Attendant, Gailen David.  Gailen shot to YouTube fame with snarky videos depicting characters in charge of American Airlines hiring and firing.  His videos went viral and landed him on several shows and news broadcasts adding to the massive views.

American fired the long time attendant this weekend after spending 25 years with the company.  The AFPA (Asssociation of Professional Flight Attendants) has confirmed they will file a greivence for wrongful termination against American Airlines on his behalf.

His videos have won the respect of many and have been featured on several shows, this is obviously not what American Airlines needs as it continues through their bankruptcy dealings.

Check out these videos from a previous post.


Fly the Funny Skies? Flight Attendant Video pokes fun at the state of American Airlines

Having a sense of Humor


David Gailen fired from AA for YouTube laughter.

American Airlines is well known and so are the current problems facing the airline with bankruptcy issues, lay-offs, and union woes.  With the airlines future in question, there are articles galore speculating about the future, so when we saw this youtube spoof by flight attendant Gailen David we had to share it.


The spoof has some truth as American Airline employees feel the effect with layoffs and pay issues but will this video lead to the unemployment line for this flight attendant? We’ll have to see what American decides, right now they may have too many things to deal with to notice, but Gailen has gotten a lot of following from it.

Check out his other videos and have a good laugh…it might be the cure to what ails you and it might wind up helping American Airlines in the future.


American Airlines ceases JFK-Tokyo Route

American changes Japan Routes

American Airlines announced it will cease operations from New Yorks JFK airport to Tokyo’s Narita (NRT) airport.  American will resume travel into Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in June but will still have ticketing agreements with Japan Airlines between JFK and NRT Narita.  American had previously suspended service into Haneda (HND) due to the tsunami and earthquakes last year.

American Airlines recently filed for Chapter 11 and is working toward consolidating and realigning the airline to provide better service and cut costs.