Travel Hacking with and Without Credit Cards

Using Credit Card Purchases to Travel Hack

Learning To Travel Hack with and without Credit Cards

Learning To Travel Hack with and without Credit Cards

Have you ever wondered how some people can fly to all these exotic locations and do it for pennies or even for free?  Well, it’s not really FREE TRAVEL – instead these people have learned the art of Travel Hacking.  I know most people dread the thought of getting a credit card for the express purpose of airline miles, but it is one of the many ways people have been travel hacking and traveling for free.

When you think of airline miles and credit cards, you might want to check “what’s in your wallet?” All credit cards are not made the same and although the airline miles for purchases have been the mainstay of previous Travel Hacking Experts, using only credit cards might not get you to your travel goal.  When next you receive that credit card offer in the mail, consider your purchases and start planning how to use the credit card in a way that can benefit you and your family, but look into other options as well.

Travel Hacking is like an art form and there are more ways to travel hack than most people realize.  With a bit of exploration and research you may be able to find some interesting alternatives to just credit card miles.  If you’re interested in learning more; there are some great links on this post that will get you started toward learning how to TRAVEL HACK.


Chris Guillebeau – Author of The $100 StartUp is the King of Travel Hacking

Chris Guillebeau could be called the king of travel hacking. Author of the $100 Startup, his travel hacking blog has 80,000 regular readers.

So what is travel hacking? Essentially, it involves finding ways to earn Frequent Flyer Points to either fly for free or at a heavily reduced price.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advisor/travel-hackers-secret-tips-revealed/story-e6frfqfr-1226622176492#ixzz2ZqAPQyuB



Sherold Barr Talks About Chris Guillebeau's Travel Hacking CartelSherold Barr Talks About Chris Guillebeau’s Travel Hacking Cartel
Sherold Barr talks about how you can earn miles and get special promotions to travel in Chris Guillebeau’s Travel Hacking Cartel.

Looking for more information on Chris Guillebeau and his Travel Hacking Lifestyle?  Check out his blog The Art of Non-Conformity.

Tips from Lifehack

Tips from Lifehack

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Why Travel Hacking Is More than Just Credit Cards

march 22, 2013 by 
Hack My Trip

Hack My Trip.com

About Scott Mackenzie
Scott founded HMT while traveling on a budget during graduate school. He stays loyal to United, Alaska, Hyatt, and Starwood.

Travel hacking starts with all the things you could do to save money and travel better if you woke up tomorrow morning and wanted to book a trip. You can’t do that with credit cards alone. You’d need to have great credit just to start, and then you’d have to apply for the cards and usually meet some minimum spend. Then you’d have to find availability. Not exactly the hardest thing, but roadblocks nonetheless.

My version of travel hacking requires none of that. Tell me the trip you want to buy, the one you were just about to pull the trigger on, and I’ll tell you three ways you could change your plans to save money or make it more rewarding. It’s not always about flying free. Sometimes it’s just about knowing how the system works. Building up elite status and, yes, credit cards can make this game even more rewarding, but you don’t need them…

Read the entire article from Scott Mackenzie at his website www.HackMyTrip.com



Ever wonder if anyone really gets to 1,000,000 miles?  This is what it looks like when they send a letter to tell you that you’ve spent an unnatural amount of time flying in the air.  Humans were not meant to fly or we’d have wings…well just tell that to Chris…as he earns more miles.

1,000,000 AAdvantage Miles1,000,000 AAdvantage Miles




Canadian Travel Hacking – Interview with Steve | Million Mile Secrets
Miles & Points Interview: Canadian Travel Hacking. Steve writes his blog to show folks in Canada how to use miles and points to travel. Canadian Travel Hacking – Interview with Steve1. Family photo near beach in Obidos,