Strange and Unusual Japanese Vending Machines

Strange and Unusual Vending Machines


Vending Machines stacked along street

The Japanese might have the market wrapped up when it comes to the strange and unusual products available in Vending Machines.  You can purchase everything from underwear to liquid cheese drinks…yes you read it correctly…LIQUID CHEESE!

There is an entire vending machine culture in Japan that is not seen anywhere else and offers a variety of things that might be considered weird.  There are entire streets lined with vending machines and it makes sense if you understand the culture. 

No Time to Shop


It is often said that Americans work too much and take far less vacations than anyone else, but in fact the Japanese “Salary Man” works long hours, and often more than just 40 in one week.  Being a workaholic is almost a national pastime, so time to shop is limited.

Smart Car Vending Promotion

What better way to stop and get breast milk for the new baby than to grab it at the vending machine on your way home.  Too busy to go home?  Have a project to complete by tomorrow afternoon and you feel the need to change clothes?  You can just hop down to the vending row and purchase everything from underwear to a new tie.

The vending machine option is pretty smart, you don’t have to find a specialty store, you don’t have to wait in line and you certainly don’t have to interact with another human being if you don’t want to.  The purchasing options are unlimited and in some cases bizarre, but if there is a market for a product, you can bet there is a vending machine out there somewhere that has it in 10 different flavors and colors.

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