Cincinnati Number 1 on Bed Bug

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When the bed bug problem gained notoriety it was with reports coming out of New York, but a new ranking by ABC News shows a report by the Rollins Corporation and new cities have ranked higher for bed bug treatments this last year.

The Rollins Corporation is in the business of pest control and tracks the number of bed bug infestations around the US.  Cincinnati is now ranked number 1 for the highest number of bed bug treatments for the year of 2012.  New York is still in the top 10 but other major cities have seen an explosion of bed bugs and it looks as if the problem is getting worse instead of better.

New City Infestation List

Although Cincinnati is number 1, there are some significant changes to a list that seems to gain in strength; the most notable is that the Dallas/Ft. Worth area has gone from the bottom of the list to a ranking in the top 10 to settle in at number 7.  Also, Los Angeles added to their bed bug problem and topped the charts rising 20 spots to come in at number 5.

The nature of the bed bug is devious in that it is difficult to see, hard to kill, and can lay dormant for weeks and even months.  They can be spread from person to person with casual contact, can hitch a ride on a lobby room chair, live in your car, or even cling to a dress tried on in a dressing room, and it doesn’t matter how clean you are; everyone is at risk.

The difficulty in finding bed bugs in hotels and tourist locations is compounded by the fact that people tend to stay for only a night or two and evidence of bed bugs can be hidden for weeks.  If a traveler encounters bed bugs and then continues traveling; each of those locations can become infected.  It’s a vicious cycle that takes time, effort, and money to clear up.

Hard to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hard to kill and traditional pesticides and cleaning methods don’t work.  Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult at best, but if you travel frequently there are measures you can take to keep the possibility of contamination down to a minimum.  Before you travel consider checking the bed bug registry website.  This site is community driven and can provide information on current infestations and locations to avoid.  Taking simple precautions can help you avoid bringing the bed bugs back to your home where they can breed and become a nightmare.

The following suggestions were taken from the book “How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling” by B Wellman available from Amazon.com as a kindle download.

-Before making a reservation check the bedbugregistry.com

-Consider calling the hotel and ask to speak to Housekeeping – they will be the ones to know if a recent infestation has occurred.

-Pack only what you need, the less you have with you, the less chance you will have to bring in clothing that has been infected.

-Use hard-sided luggage – this makes it difficult for the bed bug to hide in the crevices of your cloth luggage or garment bag.

-Pack all your clothes into plastic zip bags within your suitcase.

-When entering a hotel room, do not open your luggage until you have inspected the bed sheets and keep your luggage on a smooth surface such as a coffee table, desk, or in the bathroom.

-If you must have your clothes out – hang them up and never lay out the clothes on the bed spread.

-When returning be sure to repack your clothes in zip bags and wash them as soon as you arrive home, even if you did not actually wear the item.

There are many precautions you can take to keep you and your household safe from bed bugs, it takes a bit of adjustment but can greatly reduce your chance of infection.


American Fires Video Star Flight Attendant

David Gailand Fired for Sense of Humor

American has fired the YouTube Video Star Flight Attendant, Gailen David.  Gailen shot to YouTube fame with snarky videos depicting characters in charge of American Airlines hiring and firing.  His videos went viral and landed him on several shows and news broadcasts adding to the massive views.

American fired the long time attendant this weekend after spending 25 years with the company.  The AFPA (Asssociation of Professional Flight Attendants) has confirmed they will file a greivence for wrongful termination against American Airlines on his behalf.

His videos have won the respect of many and have been featured on several shows, this is obviously not what American Airlines needs as it continues through their bankruptcy dealings.

Check out these videos from a previous post.


The cost of flying

The cost of Flying


More taxes and Fuel charges

The Economic Times website posted an interesting article about the prospect of an increase in the cost to travel to India.  The increase comes in direct result of the airline carriers passing on the cost of the new carbon emissions tax coupled with the increase in fuel costs.  The carbon emission tax has been in debate for some months now and has pitted country against country in the battle to determine what is fair and how these costs will be structured.

The European countries have seen a number of countries push back against the new emissions taxes proposed and this has created a situation that will defiantly raise the cost of flying.   Unfortunately it will ultimately be the consumer that has to foot the bill for these taxes making it more expensive to travel.  The travel industry has taken quite a few hits over the last decade and some of those problems have resulted in fewer airlines available to provide to the needs of travelers.

With new taxes, higher fuel charges, and economies suffering around the globe, travel could see an even greater loss of revenue across the industry.  An increase in tax and fuel will not only affect airlines, but also the other industries that support travel such as hotels, rental car companies, and tourist businesses that cater to a traveling influx of tourists.

With the recent airline mergers of United absorbing Continental and Southwest purchasing Air Tran, and the financial woes of American Airlines, the US based airlines now have less competition to worry about.  The next few months will show how much the consumer is willing to pay to continue to use air travel.  It may be that we see another decline in airline travel and overall vacationing in foreign locations which doesn’t bode well for locations that rely heavily on the tourist dollar to keep their businesses alive.


Fly the Funny Skies? Flight Attendant Video pokes fun at the state of American Airlines

Having a sense of Humor


David Gailen fired from AA for YouTube laughter.

American Airlines is well known and so are the current problems facing the airline with bankruptcy issues, lay-offs, and union woes.  With the airlines future in question, there are articles galore speculating about the future, so when we saw this youtube spoof by flight attendant Gailen David we had to share it.


The spoof has some truth as American Airline employees feel the effect with layoffs and pay issues but will this video lead to the unemployment line for this flight attendant? We’ll have to see what American decides, right now they may have too many things to deal with to notice, but Gailen has gotten a lot of following from it.

Check out his other videos and have a good laugh…it might be the cure to what ails you and it might wind up helping American Airlines in the future.


Lufthansa Air-Traffic Control Strike in Frankfurt

Lufthansa announces Air Traffic Control Strike



Lufthansa Strike Frankfurt

As of Feb 16, 2012 3:30 PM Local time in Frankfurt, Germany; the GdF Air Traffic Control Union ordered a strike that will continue until Feb 17, 2012 at 10pm.  This strike is specifically at Frankfurt’s airport and should not affect others at this time.

Lufthansa is providing information on their website for passengers that are affected by the strike.  Follow this link to find additional help with your travel.


How to avoid Blood Clots when traveling long hours.

Avoiding Blood Clots when Traveling


Picking Seats

Blood clots have been the focus of many posts and articles over the last few years and the concern isn’t new -it’s just newly discussed.  The risk of having a blood clot form while you are on a long flight is a reality that can and does happen.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots form in the legs and can lead to death if those clots reach the heart.  This is a valid concern for those that travel long hours on a plane as people are confined for hours in a seat and are unable to move their legs to get better circulation. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis

The myth that booking economy plus seats or sitting in Business or First class will solve the problem of blood clots when traveling is untrue.  The space you have to strech your legs isn’t as important as getting up and moving about the aircraft.

The best way to make sure you stay healthy is to get up and move.  Take a trip to the bathroom, walk up the aisle, take a connecting flight to allow you to take a break from sitting in a cramped space for hours on end.

Some of these methods may not be possible when flight crews are passing out drinks or when you are sitting in the window seat, but they are the best way to keep you healthy and avoid blood clots when traveling long hours.


Mexico Travel Warning just in time for Spring Break

US Government raises Threat Level for Mexico


Mexico Travel Alert

The US State Department has increased the Threat Level for Mexico due to the increase of violence over recent months.  With Drug Cartels, killings, and gang wars safety is an issue and with Spring Break just around the corner, students and travelers should be made aware and take precaution

Mexico is not stranger to the list as they have been on it since April 22, 2011, but as of yesterday Mexico moved to the top of the list with a warning to 16 different states. The State Department is urging travelers to stay in the more populated tourist areas as to avoid much of the on-going issues found in more secluded areas. 


Spring Break Travel to Mexico


Spring Break Mexico

Spring Break popular travel sites such as South Padre Island, Texas or Acapulco, Mexico are places to research before traveling.  Being American in no way excuses or influences the violence or Mexican Law so it is important to understand the consequences of travel to these types of location.

Mexico is a favorite spot for young teenagers as the beer is cheap and no one cards you for ID.  This allure has been the reason that Spring Breakers see at least one death and several arrests each Spring Break.  For more information on Spring Break Travel visit this great site or click here to see the State Departments Travel Warning Page.