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How to Travel Around The World and Work wherever You Want...How to Travel Around The World and Work wherever You Want…
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beautiful-places-from-all-around-the-world-fantastic-picbeautiful places from all around the World fantastic Pic
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beautiful places from all around the World fantastic Pic

The wonderful Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, located in the exclusive Ballsbridge area of the irish capital, only a few minutes from the city centre and the Financial centre - IFSC - Simply enjoy the magic!:)The wonderful Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, located in the exclusive Ballsbridge area of the irish capital, only a few minutes from the city centre and the Financial centre – IFSC – Simply enjoy the magic!:)

Top 5 places in the world for women to travel solo
Fox News, on Mon, 15 Jul 2013 08:38:32 -0700
Susan L. Eckert is the founder and president of AdventureWomen and has been leading small group adventure tours for women traveling solo to destinations around the world for more than three decades. Print; Email; Share; Comments; Recommend; Tweet 


Tales of travel all around the world
Horace A. Taylor, published 1909, 277 pages


Travel Hacking


Intro to Travel HackingIntro to Travel Hacking
My invitation to the travel hacking cartel http://travelhacking.org/bellavie92-wants-you Frequent Flyer Documentary http://vimeo.com/7167640 Chris Guillebeau…

Travel Hacking Webinar – Budget Travel Guide
Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking. Join me for a one-hour online class on the basics of travel hacking: how to see the world on a budget. We’ll discuss at least 12 ways to earn a free plane ticket in the next 60 days.

hacking-for-innovation-delhi-presentationHacking For Innovation Delhi
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Introduction to hacking at the university hack day in Delhi, India.

Frequent Flyer Account Balances - April 2010Frequent Flyer Account Balances – April 2010

Scam Alert: Travel scams
Fox News, on Thu, 11 Jul 2013 07:12:22 -0700
Putting your information and some — will be hacking into account before you — it. So used to reputable wife I am hot spots like — though are even Verizon had the jet pack we can be your own hot spot. So that just kind of getting that extra layer of

Canadian Travel Hacking – Interview with Steve | Million Mile Secrets
Miles & Points Interview: Canadian Travel Hacking. Steve writes his blog to show folks in Canada how to use miles and points to travel. Canadian Travel Hacking – Interview with Steve1. Family photo near beach in Obidos, 
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Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a really great blog with tons of information and lots of great pictures.  His layout is fantastic and the page is easy to navigate.  Looking to backpack through Asia?  Need accomidations and can’t figure out if the hostel is worth the money?  Then check out Matt’s blog and start reading.  His adventures and the things he has accomplished are truely amazing.


Cheap Flights

Links to websites that offer information about deals and cheap flights.  Click the links to find out the latest sales and offerings.


– this is a great site that offers links to low fares available right now!


– this site offers flights as well as info on other discounts such as rentals, hotels, and shows.


– great site that pits airline against airline and sale against sale to show you what the deals are today.


– packed with travel deals and information


-has last minute deals and great travel tips


Country Specific Information

So you’re traveling to Chad…no – not your sisters old boyfriend – CHAD the country!  Do you even know where Chad is located?  Do you need a Visa?  What if you get sick while you’re there? Is there an Embassy there?

Well if you’re getting ready to travel and you need information the best place to start looking is the State Department website with it’s list of countries.  This list will give you the information you need to get your plans in order and make sure you are ready to travel like a pro.

Country Specific Travel Information 


Travel Warning Updated 12 July 2013

Always Check current Travel Warnings



Travel Warnings for the US

As the world continues to become a more volatile place, it’s a smart thing to check out the local Travel Advisories for the country you are traveling to.  This portion of the site is geared toward getting out the best information so you don’t find yourself traveling to a place that can put you in danger.

Currently the State Department has listed these places under Current Travel Warnings.  These are the places you need to watch out for.  Visit the State Department website for the most current and up to date information.

Travel Warnings are issued when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government’s ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. The countries listed below meet those criteria.


Philippines    07/05/2013
Kenya    07/05/2013
Egypt    07/03/2013
Somalia    06/21/2013
Israel, the West Bank and Gaza    06/19/2013
Honduras   06/17/2013
Niger    06/14/2013
Chad    06/11/2013
Libya    06/07/2013
Nigeria    06/03/2013
Iran    05/24/2013
Mauritania    05/21/2013
Cote d’Ivoire   05/16/2013
Eritrea    05/10/2013
Central African Republic    05/10/2013
Congo, Democratic Republic of the    04/24/2013
Burundi    04/22/2013
Sudan    04/16/2013
Colombia    04/11/2013
Pakistan    04/09/2013
Lebanon    04/01/2013
Republic of South Sudan   03/29/2013
Mali    03/22/2013
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of    03/14/2013
Guinea    03/14/2013
Tunisia    03/13/2013
Syria    03/01/2013
Iraq    02/25/2013
Algeria    02/19/2013
Afghanistan    01/29/2013
El Salvador    01/23/2013
Haiti    12/28/2012
Mexico    11/20/2012
Yemen   11/19/2012
Saudi Arabia   11/19/2012

Roots Traveler

Roots Traveler

Posts and Guest posts from multiple travelers around the world.  Backpacking, surfing, couchsurfing, and moving across the globe finding the jewels of life one trip at a time.  This is a great resource to find out what people have done and how they’ve done it.



A Little Adrift

Shannon O’Donnell, is “a former actress, current online consultant, speaker, writer, photographer, traveler, and storyteller.”  Starting her blog : A Little Adrift in 2008, it was intended to chronicle her stroy as she set about for the next year – but as we can see it has been more than a year and Shannon is still going strong.  This blog has some great resources and information that can save you time and money.


Don’t get caught without Power when You Travel

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AA Pilots and Management Cause cancellations

AA Flight Delays and Cancellation


Airline and Pilot dispute set up disaster and delays

If you’ve had to travel lately, then you may have noticed American Airlines cancelling flights through Dallas, and it doesn’t look like the cancellations are going to stop any time before November.  So far we’ve seen more than 300 cancellations and a larger number of flight delays due to maintenance write ups.

Here’s a great article from DeAnn Smith with a video reference on that page that talks about how this affecting travelers – just click for more information.  The bickering back and forth between pilots and management has come to a head with passengers stuck in the middle and until this is resolved it looks as if passengers will be on the receiving end of the short stick.

American Airlines has been battling bankruptcy and an economy of increased fuel charges.  The combination has proved too much for this new wave of maintenance delays but the issues aren’t all black and white.  There is no wrong or right when it comes to making sure safety is thought of first.  The New York Times shares it’s information on the internal strife at American Airlines and what is happening behind the scenes.

In the last few years  American Airlines has paid the FAA for penalties and fines in the area of maintenance.  With this in mind, the intentional write-ups just prior to take off may be considered a Union tactic, but the conditions written up are no laughing matter.

The stoppage is expected to take place through the month of October and travelers can continue to see flights cancelled and delayed.  As a traveler, it might be best to avoid connections via DFW and make sure you purchase travel insurance.