Things to do this Fall – Oktoberfest! to Haunted Houses

Things to do this Fall

From Oktoberfest to Haunted Houses, October is a happening month.  This is the start of Fall in many places and a time for change means there are things to do that can’t be done during the summer months, like watching the trees change colors, celebrating Octoberfest, or scaring yourself silly at a haunted house.  Whether you want to spend some time picking apples or gas up your hog for one last ride through the hills before snow, there are tons of things to get you moving in the month of October.

The month starts out with Ocktoberfest or Octoberfest and it is celebrated from it’s home in Munich Germany all the way to Fredericksburg, Texas.  This year marks the 200th anniversary of the original Oktoberfest in Munich and celebrations abound in various places from the first of the month until October 18th all over Germany.  This is the largest festival in Germany and if you are lucky enough to attend then you’ll have the opportunity to taste the finest beer brewed in the city limits of Munich.  If you aren’t lucky enough to find yourself in Deutchland, then count your blessings that this festival has been adopted all over the world from Tokyo to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Fall Foliage

The Fall Season is a wonderful time of year for many in the Northern Hemisphere as the foliage changes into a dazzling array of colors. Taking aFall Foliage camera with you as you hike the Appalachia trail through somewhere between Georgia and Maine will offer a variety of environments and endless photo ops but as the season goes on, the weather will play a major part in what parts of the trail are accessible.

Haunted Houses

Don’t forget to visit your local Haunted House to keep that heart rate up.  From Nightmare on Grayson in San Antonio, Texas to  The Beast in Kansas City, Missouri, the nights belong to Creepy Clowns and Spooky Ghosts.  From Warehouses and Hayrides, the options are spooktacular and the action is deadly!

If you’re looking for more adventure in October, check out the Travel Channel and this great article.  Feel free to leave a comment with your plans for October – we’ll be waiting for the invite.


Southwest Airlines Holiday Sale

Southwest Airlines is starting a Holiday Sale.

Now is the right time to start considering your holiday travel and planning.  With the holiday season just around the corner, expect rates for travel to increase with sporadic sales from all the major airlines.  One such sale was listed today by Southwest Airlines and is for travel between Dec 13 and Jan 5.  There are rules and regulations to get the lower fares and some blackout dates exist for Dec 23/26/30, but for these rates it’s understandable.

The changing Face of Southwest Airlines and what it means for you.

Southwest Airlines and Air Tran are scheduled to begin merging soon, but until they are one company they will still offer competitive fares and that’s exactly what Air Tran did this week.  To view the post on the Air Trans sale click here.  Don’t delay in making reservations on these airlines as flights fill up fast.  Check for super saver rates for travel on off dates like Tuesdays and remember advance notice means lower fares.


OpenSkies to stop Dulles-Orly Service

The all Business class airline OpenSkies (a subsidiary of British Air) will be flying out from Washington Dulles Airport to Orly Airport in Paris, France for the last time on October 28.  

Ben Mutzabaugh provides a look at the short lived Airline in his article in USA Today.   The loss of this route will leave  OpenSkies with only one other such flight route out of Liberty Airport in New Jersey.


TSA introduces “PreCheck” Program

Hate standing in line at the TSA security check point?  TSA has started their pilot program called PreCheck to be tested at 4 major US Airports: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County, Dallas/Fort Worth International and Miami International airports. 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is using a Risk-Based Security Initiative in an effort to expedite travel time, focus resources, imporve passenger handling time, and make proper use of technology.

The program is voluntary at this time, for questions about this pilot program or to find out how to qualify, click on the link to read from the TSA website.


AirTran Airways Fall Travel Sale

It’s time for the Fall Travel season and with it comes a sale on AirTran Airways.  Travel for these special fares is between October 14 to December 20 but tickes must be issued by October 6.

Check out the great offers starting as low as $43 in some locations.  The list is available on the AirTran website.


Thailand Flooding Oct. 3 2011

Flooding in Thailand has affected travel in several provences but mainly the trouble is hampering travel in the lowland areas and off the beaten path for tourists.  Presently all airports are functioning and there has been no damage to the normal tourist spots located in the major cities. 

Some train service has been interrupted further north past Lop Brui, but for those passengers the State Railway is offering full refunds.  To read more about the current state of affairs in Thailand read the report at Thaitravelnew.net.



Travel Tips for kids

Traveling with children is difficult enough, but in this age of travel and security it can be a nightmare.  Here are a few things to remember when traveling with children.

1. Be sure to bring snacks that can be easily eaten such as snack sized cookies.  Items that require difficult preparation or additional eating utensils can cause problems.

2. Liquids such as baby formula, breast milk, and juice are allowed in quantities  not exceeding 3.4 ounces (100ml).  TSA has guidelines set to provide you with more information about these types of items  Click here to learn more about 3-1-1

3. Remember to bring along items that will entertain your child – such as books or small electronic games.  Items with small pieces or bulky items should not be brought aboard aircraft.

4. If possible, pack an extra day’s clothing and personal hygiene items in a carryon so you are better prepared to handle travel emergencies.

5. When approaching security, it is best to allow the stroller to go first and then any older children, this will allow you to keep others from passing through until your family is done.

6. Taking a small blanket ensures the recycled air doesn’t cause problems and taking appropriate clothing is a must.  If you are leaving a location where the weather is 83 and going to a place where snow is falling – it is best to dress appropriately to avoid the hassle of changing in the bathroom with 5 plane loads of people waiting in line.

7. Sometimes that non stop flight sounds great, but when traveling with children it might be best to take that connecting flight.  The overall time of travel increases by several hours but the stop in a connection city can give children time to get up and move as well as get something more substantial to eat.

8. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, please be sure to make someone aware of your travel plans.  Have your medical cards, emergency phone numbers, and any important information on your person.  Should something happen that renders you incapacitated, security and airline officials will do what they can to help, but if your children are too young to inform the right people – the information should be readily available in your purse, wallet, or travel gear.

When traveling with children with disabilities, be sure to check out the TSA website for information to make your travel time smoother.  Just click on the highlighted text above.