Medical Tourism

Saving Money on your Health

Medical Tourism is a relatively new market with growing interest due to the state of the worlds Medical care and Health Insurance.  The option to travel to a different country to receive First Class Medical Care for half the cost of normal procedures can be significant in cost savings.  Generally speaking any procedure that is in excess of $10,000 is a good starting point in making the decision to find alternative medical options.

Transplants, extensive medical procedures, cosmetic surgery, and on-going medical regimens can cost in the tens of thousands and people in the US, Canada, and UK are seeking a way to cut down on those costs; this can be done with Medical Tourism.  Medical Tourism companies offer everything from a quote to a personal concierge to walk you to and from the procedure and make sure everything is taken care of depending on what you need.

As medical costs continue to soar, foreign travel for medical procedures has increased, making this a growing market with more than a few options.  Check the links below for several companies offering a wide variety of services for medical care. 

This website provides you with News, Directories, Cost Quotes, and is home to the Medical Tourism Magazine.  Procedures are listed specifically and an option for membership is available.

The site has great information and walks you through the procedure.  Pick a destination and a procedure to see your options.

This is an information portal providing great information and news about medical tourism news and options.  Find everything from Spas to Dental options and more.

The site provides great information on Medical Tourism and bridges the gap between traveling for Medical procedures and including some vacation time in the healing process.  Check out the options here.

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