Keeping Your Passport Safe

When traveling to the US a visa is required

Keeping Your Passport Safe

Keeping Your Passport Safe is a major concern when traveling the globe.  Without a Passport life can get a bit difficult and your future is basically stalled until you get the paperwork completed.

Because of the latest measures, travel has become increasingly difficult, no matter if you are taking a quick flight from Seattle to Portland or going outside the boarders to Japan.  The level of difficulty begins when you leave the boarders of your home country and without proper documentation you can find yourself stranded in the waiting room from hell.

Consider making a few copies of your passport and keeping them separate from your other documents.  This allows you to provide a copy of your Passport when checking into a hotel, instead of giving them your only sure way out of the country.  If turmoil and chaos ensues, you don’t have to find a hotel employee to give it back or worry that it will be held ransom for some strange reason.  Keeping your passport in your room safe is a better option and allows you to control when and where the document is removed.

Also, consider scanning your passport and keeping it (as well as other important information) on a small memory stick or some sort of USB flashdrive set up to look like jewelry or something that attaches to your key chain and is unobtrusive.

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