I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


Ghostbusters Movie

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


Ghostbusters may be one of the most famous movies dealing with ghosts apart from the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moor movie with the title Ghost, but the reality is far from ectoplasm manifestations and containment units.

 Today’s Ghostbusters can range from the hobbyist to the professional as evident on the popular series Ghost Hunters shown on the Syfy channel.  It’s not just a Halloween activity anymore and it’s big business.  For some, the thrill of sleeping in a haunted hotel is part of the excitement of their travel, and the travel industry is happy to help you find what you’re looking for, be it the illuusive “lady in white” or a dark and spooky bar full of swinging wine glasses.  Pack your suitcases and make a reservation today!

Haunted Places


USA Today has a great article on 10 Great Places to Sleep with a Ghost covering locations from California to Massachusetts with links and information.  The places listed range from the early days of the country such as The Penny House Inn in Eastham, Mass, to the Featherhead Railway B&B in Nice, California.

Haunted locations can be found throughout America and the world.  Some of the most haunted locations with paranormal activity can be places like prisons or hospitals, but hauntings are not limited to houses or physical buildings; they can be in entire fields such as Civil War Hauntings or even Amusement Parks as listed in this great article.

October is one of the best months to use as an excuse to get your Ghost hunting “on” and take a thrill where you can.  If you’re looking for something different to do or someplace different to go; haunted locations are a great way to plan a vacation with something special included.


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