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For 10 years Chris Guillebeau has been traveling the world on a mission to see all 193 United Nation Countries and he’s done it.  This guy knows more about travel hacking than any of the “guru’s” out there and he puts his money (well not really) where his mouth is. For a decades now, Chris has travel hacked his way into countries by doing both simple and complicated things to get to where he wants to go, and he’s not alone.

Many of the people celebrating with him on his birthday got there just the same way – by travel hacking.  What is this travel hacking you ask?  Well, it’s a way of getting your travel for free using several different means.  Most people don’t know about travel hacking but they actually do a version of it when they use the various points they accumulate on their credit card purchases – but travel hacking takes this to a whole new level.

If you thought extreme couponing was outrageous, think about how it works when someone is a fanatic about free travel. This is what happens when you put a little elbow grease into the mix and start planning and conspiring to get to the best travel locations and do it for free.  If you’re interested in learning more then there’s no one better to learn from then Chris Guillebeau.

The man who travel hacked the world – NBC News.com

Apr 8, 2013 On Sunday, Chris Guillebeau, known as the godfather of travel hacking, turned 35 in Norway, the last of the 193 United Nations member 



Introduction to Travel Hacking - Hack My Trip.m4vIntroduction to Travel Hacking – Hack My Trip.m4v

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March 14, 2013 at 8:55 AM ET


Mike Hrostoski smiles in a field.

Mike Hrostoski
The death of Mike Hrostoski’s mother spurred him to jettison his life and go a global road trip, partially subsidized by getting Expedia.com to give him $1,800 a year in free hotels.

After ditching nearly all his material possessions and quitting his six-figure job in a Fortune 50 human resources department, Mike Hrostoski, 31, says he’s “living like a millionaire just on travel hacking.”

There’s no breaking into airlines’ websites required. The informal term “travel hacking” means using unexpected shortcuts to quickly earn free or reduced price airfare and hotel stays. This year’s first quarter already finds Hrostoski visiting Amsterdam, Berlin, Cancun, Columbia, and Olso, all for free, all from frequent flier miles.

Read the entire article here —> http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/boss-free-globetrotter-games-expedia-1-800-free-hotels-1C8809731


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