Free Ticket to Japan

Intrested in a Free Ticket to Japan? 

Japan has seen its share of hardship this year with devistating and widespread destruction due to a combination of natural disaster and a nuclear plant failure.  All of this has led to a significant decrease in foreign travel while the country faces a very large rebuilding bill as shown in photos here at  The Japan Tourism Agency is planning to help the country by increasing foreign travel this next year with an offer of 10,000 free tickets.  The Agency has plans to set up a website detailing the requirements and hope to get bloggers interested in spreading the news to the rest of the world.  People interested will need to submit a written report detailing their travel plans and what they hope to experience, if the applicant is chosen they will then be required to write a review of their trip which will be posted online.

Interested in reading more?  ABC News has an article detailing this information.  Right now the contest is still in the planning phase, but be sure to check back with TravelNewsYouCanUse to find out more as details become available.

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    • Maybe Japan would be better off dfuealting . Perhaps, but would any lessons be learned? Chances are, the same old, same, old people would turn around and start doing the same thing all over again. And the rest of the population would let them. A recent TV debate on TPP made absolutely no mention of whether the government should be making decisions about who will or will not sell or buy what at what price. Only then will people begin thinking about common objectives, rather than keep with the pervasive mentality of self-preservation on a sinking ship. A minor quibble, but common objectives is the smokescreen put up by groups to hide their grab for power. Isn’t the problem, rather, that people do not see their true LONG-TERM self-interest with enough clarity?I look forward to more posts.

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