Flash Mob Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport Flash Mob – just a little fun while traveling.

One thought on “Flash Mob Dubai International Airport

  1. I find it so crazy mnikag and anxiety producing to get airline tickets! I tend to use Expedia and then to compare to airlines’ websites. I always search for a few days before I buy, but I never knew about what you are saying in terms of days of the week. I stay away from the real discount options because I fear having a ticket that is lower grade and less useful in an emergency. Once when I was in NY after a snow storm, a woman in the terminal who had a certain kind of ticket wasn’t getting options to rebook because of her ticket type. Finally they had pity on her and put her on a plane, but she was really stuck. Whew! Don’t like the ticket-buying process (but it does give me a lot to blog about!)Judy Stone-GoldmanThe Reflective Writer

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