FAA gets $64 BILLION dollar budget for next 4 years

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FAA $64 Billion Dollar Budget

The FAA budget for the next four years has been approved for an astounding $64 Billion dollars. Although there are a number of FAA employees and operational costs for the Office of the FAA, the money is slated for an upgrade to the failing and antiquated trafficking system that handles flights across the US.

The upgrades and software integration should alleviate some of the common over-crowding in the sky and manage the on-time capabilities for flights, but only insofar as what is controlled by the FAA and air traffic controllers and not specifically by the airlines.

Improvements to airports and runways are typically handled by the Passenger Facility Fees collected depending on the airport you travel through and do not exceed $5.00 per location so those types of upgrades will still be handled by the individual airports and will not see funding from this budget.  John Croft expands on this in his article here.

With this kind of boost to the budget, the FAA will be working fast to get these upgrades installed which may create some delays and overall passenger discomfort depending on the work required and how each phase of the upgrades is handled.

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