EU to impose new taxes for carbon dioxide emissions

EU to impose emission taxesInternational Travel from the US has always been expensive, not only because the airline needs to make a profit, but also due to additional taxes and fees.  Well, get ready for another fee to add to European travel as the EU (European Union) begins a new policy on 1, Jan 1012 to enforce a “cap and trade” program forcing air carriers to pay for carbon dioxide emissions. 

According to the Associated Press, “The European Union insisted Tuesday it will enforce a new law that imposes an emissions cap-and-trade program on airlines flying to and from Europe, despite angry opposition from the U.S. Congress.”

Countries such as the US, China, Japan and others oppose the law citing various reasons, one of which is that taxes would be paid on all emissions from departure to arrival; covering airspace that is not under EU control.  To read more check out this article here.

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    • he didnt seem to cneoercnd with terrorism quite worrying and why do they only exray the cargo from point of origin ? and i dont think qatar has air marshals im flying with qatar in march to australia not looking forward to it lol

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