Epic Travel Vlog 8 Miles from Home

Adventure in Chiang Mai with 8 Miles from Home


Jmayel, Sach and their dog Eden have left the UK and settled on a working visa in Chiang Mai.  With their Volg 8 Miles from Home,” they offer us a look into their world with stunning cinematic stories that read more like an adventure book than just an ordinary life.

Their approach is a bit different than most vloggers in that they spend time between videos and offer a glimpse into regular life through the eyes of people that know they are living the dream of so many others.  While they could show their mundane day-to-day activities, they instead show us what life is like when you truly experience it as if you were the star of your own Blockbuster movie and I love the style.  It’s not your typical vlog and the time and effort spent on creating something beautiful is evident in each video.

The footage is masterfully edited and each vlog is themed and beautifully filled with the local attractions and the simple beauty of a land that many only dream of visiting.  If you’re looking for something other than a shaky cam with dizzying movements and views into the inner cavity of a travelers nose, then check out the videos offered by jmayel and Sach.

Their adventures are just that – adventures.  They do have a facebook page and a blog which are listed on their video page and on there you can find more in-depth information on the locations and situations mentioned in the videos.  Instead of making a 9 minute video talking about buying a car in Bangkok, they instead offer a full, overly dramatic story and leave the actual details for the written blog which I find refreshing.

If you’re pining away for a life of travel, these guys will give you something to appease your wanderlust and offer so much more.  I highly recommend watching their videos as it is a refreshing and unique take on living in Chiang Mai.


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