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Tennessee Williams Festival

Looking for a really cool place to visit this year?  Well take a look at New Orleans and see what a great things are happening this year.  People might still think New Orleans is suffering from the after affects of Katrina, but they are back in business and business is good.

This year is going to be special with the coincidence of the 100th birthday of Tennessee Williams which will be celebrated by the Tennessee Williams Library.  Incidentally, the Library is celebrating their 25th anniversary and will be holding a Festival between March 21-25 with actors, playwrights, broadway stars, and authors in attendance.

Mardi Gras 2012

If you think of New Orleans, you think of Mardi Gras and that’s because it is the number one place to celebrate.  Mardi Gras is scheduled 45 days before Easter so the dates change each year so the Fesitval Parade starts on February 21st.  There are Festivals, carnivals, events, dance, music, and thousands of things to see and do.

March is a happening month for New Orleans and one event you want to make sure to check out is the “Running of the Bulls.”  This quirky event is actually roller derby and this year celebrates the fifth year of this fun event.

The French Quarter Festival will be in full swing in April and the cost- FREE!  Check out this page with more information for the soon to be announced dates of this festival and find out what’s in store.

So you like Jazz?  Great – New Orleans is the place to be this August with their annual Jazz Festival called the Louie Satchmo Armstrong Summer Festival.  Check out who’s coming and when to book your tickets.

New Orleans has something to offer for kids and adults alike.  Spend a few minutes looking at the event calendar on the New Orleans City Page and find the right festival to attend.

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  1. Dolph, I went trohugh a lot of those thoughts in my own mind and don’t necessarily disagree. But in trying to keep this post kinda shortish I omitted some of them.My understanding from the article and what I’ve read about NOLA politics is that–the funds solicited would go to pay city workers like police, fire and sanitation crews. NOLA needs Mardi Gras, but cannot presently afford the civic costs of hosting Mardi Gras. –the profits from Mardi Gras seldom trickle down to the Ninth Ward areas that were the hardest-hit. That was at least true in the past, and I can’t imagine it wouldn’t hold doubly true now. Frow what I gather, although I’m FAR from a NOLA expert, Mardi Gras is fantastic business for the French Quarter, the bars and the restaurants. It’s great for the tourism business. But as far as getting actual homes rebuilt it’s not going to make any difference at all. If they were thinking about it, the NOLA city government could enact a 1-2% Mardi Gras tax at the various bars, restaurants and hotels in order to pay for the increased municiple costs. Cities like Orlando have done very well with added percentage tax on their tourism business. This would let the revellers pay for their own upkeep. But from what I understand the government of NOLA is so corrupt that those taxes would probably end up being some city councilperson’s new indoor swimming pool.

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