China Bans its Airlines from joining EU Clean Skies Program

China is the newest member to oppose the EU’s Clean Sky Program, forcing airlines to pay for carbon emissions while traveling their skies.

China isn’t the first country to oppose the new policies to include the US, India, and Russia.  The policy is intended to cut greenhouse emissions but the plan as set up by the EU is considered too costly. 

If the policy is enacted it will increase the cost of travel to much higher levels just to cover the large fees of this new tax.  The effects could severly impact the ability of people to travel across the EU.

The fear is that these policies will be enforced and flights from China will be denied entry into the EU unless they conform to standards.  This could change the way people travel and cut options to a point in which International travel becomes too costly for the common traveler.  To read more about China’s opposition check out the New York Time article.

For more on the EU policies see this previous post here.

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