City Spotlight New Orleans LA

New Orleans, LA


Tennessee Williams Festival

Looking for a really cool place to visit this year?  Well take a look at New Orleans and see what a great things are happening this year.  People might still think New Orleans is suffering from the after affects of Katrina, but they are back in business and business is good.

This year is going to be special with the coincidence of the 100th birthday of Tennessee Williams which will be celebrated by the Tennessee Williams Library.  Incidentally, the Library is celebrating their 25th anniversary and will be holding a Festival between March 21-25 with actors, playwrights, broadway stars, and authors in attendance.

Mardi Gras 2012

If you think of New Orleans, you think of Mardi Gras and that’s because it is the number one place to celebrate.  Mardi Gras is scheduled 45 days before Easter so the dates change each year so the Fesitval Parade starts on February 21st.  There are Festivals, carnivals, events, dance, music, and thousands of things to see and do.

March is a happening month for New Orleans and one event you want to make sure to check out is the “Running of the Bulls.”  This quirky event is actually roller derby and this year celebrates the fifth year of this fun event.

The French Quarter Festival will be in full swing in April and the cost- FREE!  Check out this page with more information for the soon to be announced dates of this festival and find out what’s in store.

So you like Jazz?  Great – New Orleans is the place to be this August with their annual Jazz Festival called the Louie Satchmo Armstrong Summer Festival.  Check out who’s coming and when to book your tickets.

New Orleans has something to offer for kids and adults alike.  Spend a few minutes looking at the event calendar on the New Orleans City Page and find the right festival to attend.


2 Free Southwest Airline Tickets…Facebook SCAM!

Did you get a request to add a Facebook app for the chance to get 2 Free Southwest Airline tickets?  If you answered yes and you’ve done the click through then know that you’ve been scammed!  There are no free Southwest Airline tickets, instead you have now offered an unknown source access to your personal data and access to be able to post to your Facebook page as YOU!

The Better Business Bureau and many other websites have reported this ongoing Facebook Scam.  Don’t fall prey and don’t give this app the ability to gather information about you.  If you’re looking for free tickets you might want to channel that energy into something else.  The airlines aren’t in a position to offer free tickets and if there are free tickets floating around on the net, it’s coming from companies that have purchased bulk seats from an airline.

Remember: If it looks too good to be true…it probably is.

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Dubai International Terminal Hotel

Traveling through Dubai anytime soon?

Dubai International Hotel

Dubai International Hotel located in the DXB airport

The Dubai International Airport is a large transit point for many travelers heading into the Middle East or beyond and many times the layover can be excessive.  For travelers interested in getting a few hours of sleep in a bed instead of the floor, the Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel is a great option.

Leaving the airport to get to a hotel requires entry into the country and that means going through customs, fighting the long lines and dealing with the local cab drivers to get to somewhere decent, unless you choose to stay at the Airport Hotel.

The Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel is located within the Dubai airport at the arrival level of the Sheikh Terminal and is a 4 star hotel with all the luxury amenities you need to keep you fresh on your long travels.

The Dubai International Hotel has all the things you need to keep you sane; fitness center, state of the art business center, indoor swimming pool, gourmet dining and of course, LATE ARRIVAL Guarantee.

Location, Location, Location…


The hotel is located in both Terminal 1 and 3 before you get to the Customs and Immigration desk so you will stay in the secured area, but that means you will not be allowed to collect your bags so be sure to carry a change of clothes and your necessities with you in a carry-on bag.

One other important note is to make sure you have your boarding pass for your continuing flight.  If you are transiting and have not gotten your next boarding pass you need to do this at one of the Transfer Desks located in the Terminals or be sure to print out your 2nd flight boarding pass before you leave your departure city.  Should you mistakenly leave the airport, understand that you will NOT be able to check in for your new flight until 3 hours prior to departure.

The Dubai International Hotel requires a 24 hours cancellation, so be sure to cancel if your plans change.  If you need more information about booking a reservation then visit their site and contact the front desk and be sure to read the FAQ page on their site for additional travel tips.

Important information


To contact the Dubai International Terminal Hotel directly from the US use this phone number to get to the operator and faster service;

From the US: 011 97 14 224 4000

Dubai International Airport and Services click this link here.

Current Flight information for Dubai International Airport click this link here for arrivals and departure times.

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Dubai City Information click here.


I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


Ghostbusters Movie

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


Ghostbusters may be one of the most famous movies dealing with ghosts apart from the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moor movie with the title Ghost, but the reality is far from ectoplasm manifestations and containment units.

 Today’s Ghostbusters can range from the hobbyist to the professional as evident on the popular series Ghost Hunters shown on the Syfy channel.  It’s not just a Halloween activity anymore and it’s big business.  For some, the thrill of sleeping in a haunted hotel is part of the excitement of their travel, and the travel industry is happy to help you find what you’re looking for, be it the illuusive “lady in white” or a dark and spooky bar full of swinging wine glasses.  Pack your suitcases and make a reservation today!

Haunted Places


USA Today has a great article on 10 Great Places to Sleep with a Ghost covering locations from California to Massachusetts with links and information.  The places listed range from the early days of the country such as The Penny House Inn in Eastham, Mass, to the Featherhead Railway B&B in Nice, California.

Haunted locations can be found throughout America and the world.  Some of the most haunted locations with paranormal activity can be places like prisons or hospitals, but hauntings are not limited to houses or physical buildings; they can be in entire fields such as Civil War Hauntings or even Amusement Parks as listed in this great article.

October is one of the best months to use as an excuse to get your Ghost hunting “on” and take a thrill where you can.  If you’re looking for something different to do or someplace different to go; haunted locations are a great way to plan a vacation with something special included.



General Fare Pricing on Airlines

General Fare Pricing on Airlines and Why fares are never the same when you call back.


Airline ticketsThe basic principle for cheap fares is to get in early or get in on a sale, don’t call to make an inquiry and then call back because fares are not guaranteed until ticketed and you could lose your fare.  With non-refundable tickets there are so many different prices that it can be confusing, but one of the most common reasons for the difference in fare is advance purchase of  3/7/14/21 days.   The closer to the travel date; the more expensive the ticket, and usually there are certain additional requirements such as travel on a Tuesday or Thursday with a Saturday overnight.  That means you have to leave on Tue/Thus and the earliest you can return is on Sunday.


Restrictive fares have many rules and these rules are sometimes the reason that you can take a 3pm flight at a lower fare than taking a 9am flight.  Peak travel times are generally more expensive and business travelers that do not have a weekend stay can see higher fares.


I’m on the same flight as my friend – why did he get a cheaper fare?


Another reason that fares can differ is due to inventory.  Some god-like computer can figure out how many seats can be sold for X and how many at Y, Z, etc. and still make a profit.  The combination allows for differences in fares –  the airline likes to know how many people will be on the flight, so by purchasing earlier they can count on your occupancy of one seat.


The later your flight the more money you’re going to have to pull in that equation to get to that profit margin.  For example the airline decides to sell 22 seats in S inventory  for $209.00 base fare, 18 seats in T inventory for $187.00 base fare, 11 seats in K inventory for $144.00 base fare.  All of these seats will be attached to a Fare Basis that contains the rules and regulations.


In addition there will be 34 seats sold in H inventory for $280.00  and 46 seats sold in V inventory for $319.00.  You can see that there are far fewer seats available at the lower rates so that inventory will sell out first.


If someone calls and selects a flight with the last seat in K class on that flight then all bookings later will not be able to get that same fare.  If you are booking to match a friend and they purchased the last seat at that fare then the only other option is to go to the next inventory to get you on the same flight.  Note that inventory does not have anything to do with seating; that’s a whole other set of circumstances.


Travel Tips for kids

Traveling with children is difficult enough, but in this age of travel and security it can be a nightmare.  Here are a few things to remember when traveling with children.

1. Be sure to bring snacks that can be easily eaten such as snack sized cookies.  Items that require difficult preparation or additional eating utensils can cause problems.

2. Liquids such as baby formula, breast milk, and juice are allowed in quantities  not exceeding 3.4 ounces (100ml).  TSA has guidelines set to provide you with more information about these types of items  Click here to learn more about 3-1-1

3. Remember to bring along items that will entertain your child – such as books or small electronic games.  Items with small pieces or bulky items should not be brought aboard aircraft.

4. If possible, pack an extra day’s clothing and personal hygiene items in a carryon so you are better prepared to handle travel emergencies.

5. When approaching security, it is best to allow the stroller to go first and then any older children, this will allow you to keep others from passing through until your family is done.

6. Taking a small blanket ensures the recycled air doesn’t cause problems and taking appropriate clothing is a must.  If you are leaving a location where the weather is 83 and going to a place where snow is falling – it is best to dress appropriately to avoid the hassle of changing in the bathroom with 5 plane loads of people waiting in line.

7. Sometimes that non stop flight sounds great, but when traveling with children it might be best to take that connecting flight.  The overall time of travel increases by several hours but the stop in a connection city can give children time to get up and move as well as get something more substantial to eat.

8. No matter where you are going or what you are doing, please be sure to make someone aware of your travel plans.  Have your medical cards, emergency phone numbers, and any important information on your person.  Should something happen that renders you incapacitated, security and airline officials will do what they can to help, but if your children are too young to inform the right people – the information should be readily available in your purse, wallet, or travel gear.

When traveling with children with disabilities, be sure to check out the TSA website for information to make your travel time smoother.  Just click on the highlighted text above.