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Travel Hacking for Noobs How to Make Money while OverseasTravel Hacking for Noobs How to Make Money while Overseas
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1,000,000 AAdvantage Miles1,000,000 AAdvantage Miles

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Podium Cafe, on Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:27:54 -0700
His father – Clive – was born and grew up in England before moving to eastern Africa where he eventually took up a career in the travel industry, organising safaris. The youngest of three bothers – both now accountants, one in …. Accessing the email


Earthwalkers Magazine
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Travel Hacking you American Express Card

What Is The Most Economical Way To Use American Express …

Most airlines will let you change or redeposit miles for anywhere between $40 and $150 whereas flight changes on international trips can often cost $250 plus any difference in fare. Another transfer partner from American Express is Delta, and they actually have the cheapest option for your route, at only 70,000 SkyMiles if you can find a low-level award, which can be very challenging, however it can’t hut to try and price out online to see if anything exists for your 


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Travel Points and the US Airways Mastercard



Travel Hacking with your credit cards - make the credit cards work for you.

Travel Hacking with your credit cards – make the credit cards work for you.

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That being said, there is more to a credit card than just the sign-up bonus, so if you are flying US Airways a lot it may make sense to get the card to take advantage of the key benefits: Valid for round-trip coach class travel within and between the contiguous U.S. and Canada when the Primary Cardmember purchases a qualifying ticket (minimum fare purchase of $250 required). ….. Limited Time: Chase Southwest 50,000 Point Sign-up Bonuses Until August 6, 2013 


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beautiful places from all around the World fantastic Pic

The wonderful Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, located in the exclusive Ballsbridge area of the irish capital, only a few minutes from the city centre and the Financial centre - IFSC - Simply enjoy the magic!:)The wonderful Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, located in the exclusive Ballsbridge area of the irish capital, only a few minutes from the city centre and the Financial centre – IFSC – Simply enjoy the magic!:)

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Susan L. Eckert is the founder and president of AdventureWomen and has been leading small group adventure tours for women traveling solo to destinations around the world for more than three decades. Print; Email; Share; Comments; Recommend; Tweet 


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Don’t get caught without Power when You Travel

The Duracell Instant USB Charger


 Running out of power can be a pain


Product Features

  • Mulitple charges for mobile devices. Fits any mini USB powered device. Also works with Apple & Micro USB device cords cords with USB tip
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Cincinnati Number 1 on Bed Bug

Picture from npic.orst.edu

When the bed bug problem gained notoriety it was with reports coming out of New York, but a new ranking by ABC News shows a report by the Rollins Corporation and new cities have ranked higher for bed bug treatments this last year.

The Rollins Corporation is in the business of pest control and tracks the number of bed bug infestations around the US.  Cincinnati is now ranked number 1 for the highest number of bed bug treatments for the year of 2012.  New York is still in the top 10 but other major cities have seen an explosion of bed bugs and it looks as if the problem is getting worse instead of better.

New City Infestation List

Although Cincinnati is number 1, there are some significant changes to a list that seems to gain in strength; the most notable is that the Dallas/Ft. Worth area has gone from the bottom of the list to a ranking in the top 10 to settle in at number 7.  Also, Los Angeles added to their bed bug problem and topped the charts rising 20 spots to come in at number 5.

The nature of the bed bug is devious in that it is difficult to see, hard to kill, and can lay dormant for weeks and even months.  They can be spread from person to person with casual contact, can hitch a ride on a lobby room chair, live in your car, or even cling to a dress tried on in a dressing room, and it doesn’t matter how clean you are; everyone is at risk.

The difficulty in finding bed bugs in hotels and tourist locations is compounded by the fact that people tend to stay for only a night or two and evidence of bed bugs can be hidden for weeks.  If a traveler encounters bed bugs and then continues traveling; each of those locations can become infected.  It’s a vicious cycle that takes time, effort, and money to clear up.

Hard to Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hard to kill and traditional pesticides and cleaning methods don’t work.  Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult at best, but if you travel frequently there are measures you can take to keep the possibility of contamination down to a minimum.  Before you travel consider checking the bed bug registry website.  This site is community driven and can provide information on current infestations and locations to avoid.  Taking simple precautions can help you avoid bringing the bed bugs back to your home where they can breed and become a nightmare.

The following suggestions were taken from the book “How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling” by B Wellman available from Amazon.com as a kindle download.

-Before making a reservation check the bedbugregistry.com

-Consider calling the hotel and ask to speak to Housekeeping – they will be the ones to know if a recent infestation has occurred.

-Pack only what you need, the less you have with you, the less chance you will have to bring in clothing that has been infected.

-Use hard-sided luggage – this makes it difficult for the bed bug to hide in the crevices of your cloth luggage or garment bag.

-Pack all your clothes into plastic zip bags within your suitcase.

-When entering a hotel room, do not open your luggage until you have inspected the bed sheets and keep your luggage on a smooth surface such as a coffee table, desk, or in the bathroom.

-If you must have your clothes out – hang them up and never lay out the clothes on the bed spread.

-When returning be sure to repack your clothes in zip bags and wash them as soon as you arrive home, even if you did not actually wear the item.

There are many precautions you can take to keep you and your household safe from bed bugs, it takes a bit of adjustment but can greatly reduce your chance of infection.


How to avoid Blood Clots when traveling long hours.

Avoiding Blood Clots when Traveling


Picking Seats

Blood clots have been the focus of many posts and articles over the last few years and the concern isn’t new -it’s just newly discussed.  The risk of having a blood clot form while you are on a long flight is a reality that can and does happen.

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition in which blood clots form in the legs and can lead to death if those clots reach the heart.  This is a valid concern for those that travel long hours on a plane as people are confined for hours in a seat and are unable to move their legs to get better circulation. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis

The myth that booking economy plus seats or sitting in Business or First class will solve the problem of blood clots when traveling is untrue.  The space you have to strech your legs isn’t as important as getting up and moving about the aircraft.

The best way to make sure you stay healthy is to get up and move.  Take a trip to the bathroom, walk up the aisle, take a connecting flight to allow you to take a break from sitting in a cramped space for hours on end.

Some of these methods may not be possible when flight crews are passing out drinks or when you are sitting in the window seat, but they are the best way to keep you healthy and avoid blood clots when traveling long hours.


Finding the Right Travel Group for your needs

Finding the Right Travel Options for Your Personal Travel


Traveling Tips for Single Women


All Women's Travel Groups

Membership site

Planning a trip and looking for a safe way to get around a new city or even travel the country with like-minded women?  Then consider 5W-Women Welcome Women World Wide.

Based in the UK, this site is a great place to find a friend in the places you travel and get to know the location on a deeper cultural and local level.  Taking advantage of the program gives you opportunities to see a side of the location that is often hidden to most travelers. The membership site provides information for a fee.

Another membership site is Women Traveling Together, check out the link here. Find a trip or activity that speaks to you.  This is a membership site so you know the people you contact are serious about this organization.

The Free Options

 If you are a bit on the light side when it comes to the cash for a local guide or you’re looking for some ready-made experiences without having to pay club dues or membership fees, then consider a free source like meetup.com. 

This site can offer you information about meetups in cities across the globe for everything from rock climbing to wine lovers.  Note that this site is run by the members of each meetup and should you consider creating a meetup of your own that is something that could enhance your travel experience.


Senior Travel


Group Travel

If you’re retired but you’re not ready to park it in the barkolounger and call it quits, then Walking The World is a great site to find others interested in traveling and learning the lay of the land by walking.  This is a great opportunity to meet peope from all over the world and explore new and interesting places.  Cruising is another way to find great senior options look into options from AARP or sites like Senior Cruises.

Volunteering or working abroad

The baby boomers of today might be more active and more ready to continue working past retirement age.  With a social consious that has this demographic active, one of the best options to keeping fresh and involved is to volunteer, but this ain’t your local church social.  Check out this link; Volunteering abroad over 50.


Single Parent Travel


Travel options

Single Parent Travel

Traveling with kids presents an additional set of logistics that you must consider.  There are a number of agencies and travel companies that offer specific travel for single parents and grandparents.  Check out this link for more information – Qualitytime travel offers a great set of links to find what fits your budget and your likes.

Finding travel that fits your needs is important.  Finding yourself on a tourbus full of 20 somethings when you’ve just retired can make a critical difference in the enjoyment of your trip.  Use the links listed in the article to find something that fits your needs.