Virgin America Fares to Fly By Sale

Virgin America Sale – get your tickets by FEB 3!

Virgin America has some great sales available from a number of major cities to include Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and many more. Check out these rules and book your travel before Feb 3.

  • Book travel by Feb 3
  • All travel requires a minimum 7 day advance purchase from travel date
  • Travel dates between Feb 6 – Feb 29
  • Travel Days Monday – Saturday


Virgin has Last Minute Deals too!

Virgin has last minute deals for travel  as low as $99 each way Travel between Feb 3- Feb 10 and tickets must be issued by 3 Feb – hurry to check out these fares before they are gone!


American Airlines Sale to Central America

American Airlines Sale to Central American getaways.


Take a Trip to Central America

Planning a trip to Panama City, San Salvador, or San Jose (Costa Rica not California!)?  Well look no further.  American Airlines is running a sale out of Miami, Washington D.C., New York, Orlando, LAX, Philidelphia and many more locations.

Here’s the information you need on these netsaver deals…

  • Tickets must be purchased by 2, Feb 2012
  • Travel must be between 3, Feb and 28, April
  • Travel must be completed by 30 April
  • Travel Valid Monday – Thrusday (other days are higer fares)
  • Blackout dates 21 March – 1 April / 5 April / 7 April – 9 April
  • A Saturday night stay is required
  • Max stay is 90 days

So now that you know the rules, go check out the fares and find your vacation prices.



Alaskan Airlines Pulls Prayer Cards

You haven’t got a Prayer in the Sky…

Alaskan Airlines pulls religious cards after 30 years.

Alaskan Airlines has long had a tradition of providing prayer cards to their passengers at meal time.  The small carrier has been doing this for over 30 years and recently made the decision to discontinue the service in order to respect the diversity of religions or non-religious affiliations held by their passengers.

President of Alaskan Airlines, Brad Tilden stated “This difficult decision was not made lightly.”  And it seems the decision has gained disapproval from Sarah Palin former Governor of Alaska who has commented on her Facebook page with this comment “The Alaskan Airlines prayer cards should be looked upon as an All-American, hopeful, encouraging gesture. Please don’t discontinue the cards.”

If this is “All – American” it does not encompass the beliefs or lack of beliefs of each American as the country has a diverse and varied list of religions and a growing number of Atheists.  The decision of Alaskan Airlines to discontinue the cards is in step with the trend of removing religious affiliation from business and non-religious companies.

This action may or may not impact the airline as the list of independent carriers continue to dwindle due to several major purchases over the last few years.  Northwest was purchased by Delta, United is purchasing Continental, and Southwest is purchasing AirTran.

With the possibility of mega-airlines, trying to please everyone, all the time is not a possibility.  While some may see Alaskan Airlines actions as a loss of tradition, for others it is business as usual.


Federal Regulations Force Airlines to tell the REAL Price

What is the Real Cost of purchasing an airline ticket?


Is it really a bargain?

New US Federal Regulations may have a negative effect on sales as passengers are given their total prices with taxes and fees included.  Currently when an airline runs a sale they advertize the base fare and tack on a little note to tell you “this does not include Federal and State taxes.”  This is where the discrepancy between advertized price and purchased price begins.

Base fares do not take into account Federal or State taxes, Passenger Facility Charges, Fuel Surcharges, and a number of other charges added to the final price.  These taxes can produce a significant difference in fare once calculated and in some cases it can almost double the fare.


The Real Cost of Traveling


One example of a large fee is the Fuel Surcharges, carriers like Southwest hedge their bets on fuel prices and were able to keep their costs low (no longer the situation) while other carriers were forced to increase ticket prices to include a higher fee.  This is common practice for International carriers outside of the US like Lufthansa or KLM and it doesn’t make a difference if the flight is a codeshare or not. (A codeshare is when a carrier such as Delta offers flights on another carrier such as KLM.)

For a great article about how fuel surcharges affects ticket prices read this article from USA Today.

When the fuel crisis hit American Airlines (along with other carriers) was forced to raise a fuel surcharge from between $40 US to $120 US per segment  – that’s each flight taken.  If you have connecting flights; that is $120 X 4 for a round trip ticket.  Though these increases occurred on international flights into the UK, it nonetheless caused some sticker shock at the final price.

Airline costs are going up and with the new EU rules on greenhouse gas emissions for airlines, the fees for travel can only continue to rise.  The new Federal Regulations that airline tickets include all fees may have an adverse affect on the buy population, but if you have to travel and budget your expenses, knowing the costs up front is important.

For more information on the new regulations check out this eturbonews article.

For more information on the EU greenhouse fees check out this previous post here.


Alternative Spring Break Options

Alternative Spring Break Ideas for young adults


Looking for Alternative Spring Break activates?  Not interested in joining in the drunken parties by the pool and acting like you’ve lost your mind?  Consider an alternative in volunteering for Spring Break and do something to build your community or communities around the world. 

Volunteering for Spring Break is a great way to help out your own community or to explore the globe and contribute to a cause you believe in.  Spending time and effort to put in some physical labor building houses, or churches, or feeding the homeless, or even just providing home care for elders or children can be a rewarding change of pace. 

Local Alternative Spring Break Options

If you don’t have the money to pay your own way to an exotic locale, then consider your own neighborhood and see what kinds of volunteer options are available to you.  If you can’t leave the country, but want to consider your options state side, then check out Living Lands and Waters.  This group is passionate about cleaning our waterways and offers unique opportunities to help clean up along the Mississippi River.  Certain places are always looking for volunteers to help out like soup kitchens, nursing homes, churches, women’s shelters, vet clinics, and nonprofit organizations.

International Alternative Spring Break Options

If you’re an adventurous person, you can find international locations that need volunteers.  There are actually several organizations that specialize in making these plans. One such organization is Projects Abroad, click the link to check out the plans.  They offer trips that coincide with the major university spring break schedules.  They have plans set up for Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Morocco, find out more about what they have to offer this year by clicking on the link.

 Another great place to check out is United Planet – they have their Unite Planet Quest and it’s open to many different groups to include High School, College, Organized clubs, and more. The trips aren’t just at Spring Break, they have much to offer if you’re taking a semester or a year off and want to do some work around the world. Take a look at their site to find something that sparks your interest.  

Get Involved and Give Back

Alternative Spring Break options can be a great way to get involved or find a way to give back to your community, if you’ve got some time then check out Habitat for Humanity and lend a helping hand to someone working on a better future and see the results of your hard work when it’s all said and done. 

Spring Break is an opportunity to find out more about yourself and your community and even places around the globe so don’t miss out.


JetBlue Winter Fare Sale!

JetBlue Sale

JetBlue Sale

It’s almost time for Spring Break – where are you going this year?  Take a minute to ckeck out the new fares from JetBlue for their Winter Fare Sale!

JetBlue Winter Fares on Sale for travel dates between 1 FEB 2012 until 4 APR 2012.  These tickets must be purchase by 8 FEB 2012 and are for travel on Tuesdays/Wednesdays only.  There are blackout dates listed between 16 FEB 2012 and 27 Feb 2012 and each ticket requires at least a 14 or 21 day advance purchase.

The fares are selective and center around flights out of Boston (BOS), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Long Beach, Ca (LGB), New York (JFK), Orlando (MCO).

If you’re planning on a Spring Break Vacation then get in on these fares quickly as they won’t be around for long.  This is the perfect time to get plans ready for your Spring Vacation and the savings are pretty impressive.  For more information on flights, times, and rates check out JebBlue’s Winter Sale here.

Looking for more sales?  Check out the Sales and Specials Page to see what’s happening.


Free Tickets to Japan – Not anymore!

Fly to Japan!

Free Tickets to Japan were up for offer in the planning by Japan’s National Tourism Agency as announced in October 2011, but it looks as if the buget crunch has put a stop to that pipe dream.  Although Japan’s economy is slowly getting back to normal, the money just isn’t there.

On Decemer 26, 2011 the Japanese National Tourism Agency put out a press release telling everyone that the 10,000 FREE Tickets were not in this years budget plans and had been disapproved by the goverment.

The National Tourism Agency and the Japanese goverment have concluded that providing tickets to cities affected by tsunamis and earthquakes wasn’t such a good idea. 

Japan is still dealing with the aftermath of destruction that has thousands of people homeless and left animals to roam free in devistated areas.  The Japanese Real Time site talked about the current state of the country as still dealing with too much to committ money to promote tourism at this time.  Perhaps when things get back to normal this idea might be reviewed, but as for now it looks as if you’ll have to break out that wallet if you want to FLY TO JAPAN!



Southwest Airlines 3Day Click-N-Save Deals

Southwest Airlines 3Day Click – N – Save Deals are available until Jan 26 so don’t miss out on the opportunity for low fares.  These wonderful Tuesday/Wednesday sales are the chance to shake free from the chains that keep you shackled to your desk.

Find fares from as low as $69 each way but note you have to have tickets purchased by Jan 26 and you must have at least 10 days advance purchase to get these deals. Flights are valid from Feb 3 until May 16th just like the AirTran sale.

The partnership is almost a solid go as Southwest and AirTran combine to create a low – cost alternative to the higher priced airline fares.  Keep watch for more sales and remember Spring Break is right around the corner so now is the best time to set your travel dates and get that deal!

Check out other deals here.


AirTran Last Minute Sale

AirTran is having another sale as long as you book your travel by 26 Jan 2012. Travel extends until 16 May 2011, but the caveat is you have to book your travel dates for Tuesdays and Wednesdays only so it looks as if you’ll be stuck behind the desk for part of the week before heading out for that wicked mid-week vacation.  Whether you are planning travel to Denver or Aruba;check out these fares and find something that fits within your budget.

Of course there are black out dates and other considerations and the taxes are a sure thing, but if you feel the need to sink your toes into the sand or maybe take a few pictures in the Bahamas to make your friends jealous…be sure to check out the sales offered.  Check back to find out about more sales and if you sign up for the AirTran site you’ll get emails on the newest sales and routings.

Check out more deals here.