AirTran Last Minute Sale

AirTran is having another sale as long as you book your travel by 26 Jan 2012. Travel extends until 16 May 2011, but the caveat is you have to book your travel dates for Tuesdays and Wednesdays only so it looks as if you’ll be stuck behind the desk for part of the week before heading out for that wicked mid-week vacation.  Whether you are planning travel to Denver or Aruba;check out these fares and find something that fits within your budget.

Of course there are black out dates and other considerations and the taxes are a sure thing, but if you feel the need to sink your toes into the sand or maybe take a few pictures in the Bahamas to make your friends jealous…be sure to check out the sales offered.  Check back to find out about more sales and if you sign up for the AirTran site you’ll get emails on the newest sales and routings.

Check out more deals here.

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