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This website is set up to help Travelers  with links and information about Travel News around the Globe. This site isn’t  about the latest airline industry news, instead it is being created as a travel portal for those interested in learning more about the world and finding ways to travel in it. 

There are various things that impact travel when you leave your home borders – this site is being put together to offer information, tips, travel warnings, and other information and links that will be helpful in planning the trip you want. 

Whether you are planning a quick trip to Paris, or if you are backpacking through the ALPS, this site will hopefully provide you with information that can be helpful in your travels.

Do you need to find out if you can take your surfboard and how much will you pay in baggage fees?  Check out the Baggage page and search the links to find the one that provides the best information.

Do you need an airline phone number?  Check on the Airline Phone Number page and choose from several links to find the right number.

This site is set up to provide you with information that will HELP you in your travel planning.   

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Check the latest posts to read the Travel Blog for new information on Travel and tips aid information that can aid you in planning for your next trip.

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