AA Pilots and Management Cause cancellations

AA Flight Delays and Cancellation


Airline and Pilot dispute set up disaster and delays

If you’ve had to travel lately, then you may have noticed American Airlines cancelling flights through Dallas, and it doesn’t look like the cancellations are going to stop any time before November.  So far we’ve seen more than 300 cancellations and a larger number of flight delays due to maintenance write ups.

Here’s a great article from DeAnn Smith with a video reference on that page that talks about how this affecting travelers – just click for more information.  The bickering back and forth between pilots and management has come to a head with passengers stuck in the middle and until this is resolved it looks as if passengers will be on the receiving end of the short stick.

American Airlines has been battling bankruptcy and an economy of increased fuel charges.  The combination has proved too much for this new wave of maintenance delays but the issues aren’t all black and white.  There is no wrong or right when it comes to making sure safety is thought of first.  The New York Times shares it’s information on the internal strife at American Airlines and what is happening behind the scenes.

In the last few years  American Airlines has paid the FAA for penalties and fines in the area of maintenance.  With this in mind, the intentional write-ups just prior to take off may be considered a Union tactic, but the conditions written up are no laughing matter.

The stoppage is expected to take place through the month of October and travelers can continue to see flights cancelled and delayed.  As a traveler, it might be best to avoid connections via DFW and make sure you purchase travel insurance.

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