2 Free Southwest Airline Tickets…Facebook SCAM!

Did you get a request to add a Facebook app for the chance to get 2 Free Southwest Airline tickets?  If you answered yes and you’ve done the click through then know that you’ve been scammed!  There are no free Southwest Airline tickets, instead you have now offered an unknown source access to your personal data and access to be able to post to your Facebook page as YOU!

The Better Business Bureau and many other websites have reported this ongoing Facebook Scam.  Don’t fall prey and don’t give this app the ability to gather information about you.  If you’re looking for free tickets you might want to channel that energy into something else.  The airlines aren’t in a position to offer free tickets and if there are free tickets floating around on the net, it’s coming from companies that have purchased bulk seats from an airline.

Remember: If it looks too good to be true…it probably is.

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One thought on “2 Free Southwest Airline Tickets…Facebook SCAM!

  1. I have worked for the taevrl industry and this is how it works.There are no best time for booking a cheap flight. It all depends on the availability of the seat. The plane is divided into price sections. When the first lets say 30 seats are sold at a cheap rate then the price goes up and keeps going up until they are making a killing. If the time is coming closer for the flight to take off lets say a month and the plane is empty they will release those seats at a really cheap price as they wanna fill them in but when the plane is so full that there are only a few seats left they will charge a lot of money for this. There are peak seasons and offpeak seasons where you can book flights really cheaply but you wont know anything cause they will never tell you when the plane is full. The best way to do this is go to the Airline website and check the flight status and their prices and then see if the taevrl agency can beat this. So unfortuanately when you book a cheap flight and the plane is empty the preson next to you could have gotten cheaper because he booked just a couple of weeks before the flight and the airline made a deal. So the best way to do this is check the website everyday for specials

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